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East Yorkshire Ringing Group

The East Yorkshire Ringing Group (EYRG) was formed in 1992 by the amalgamation of the Filey and Flamborough Ringing Groups. Initially the main ringing aims were to continue with the two group practices of monitoring the migration of birds through their respective coastal sites. However, with the increasing number of trainees joining the group, it was felt other areas had to be considered during the quiet summer and winter coastal months. With this in mind and after the formation of the Forest Bird Study Group a number of sites within the forest areas to the east of Scarborough were identified as winter feeding and summer CES type projects.. These sites now account for a good proportion of the birds ringed and are the mainstay of training for the trainees, who are hopefully rewarded with the excitement of passage migrants on the coast during the spring and autumn.

The group organises the annual 'Ringing Week' which is open to the public to see the work carried out at Bird Observatories during autumn migration

Much of what we know today about bird migration is thanks to the hard work of thousands of bird ringers around the world. Wold Ecology Ltd and YCN supports the work of EYRG with an annual grant towards the cost of rings.