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September 2021

Atlantic Grey Seal © Sarah Burton

Seabird & Whale Trip Report 17th & 18th Sept

  • Mon 27th Sep, 2021

The 17th Sept was our biggest Minke Whale day of the year so far. Both trips were led by YCN guide Jono Leadley. The whale season has been late this year alongside the herring spawning and mackrel, so we were really pleased when we finally found increasing numbers of whales later in September.

Arctic Skua and Kittiwake YCN Seabird & Whale Trip © Darren Toohie

Seabird & Whale Trip Report 4th & 10th Sept

  • Sun 19th Sep, 2021

Plenty of Gannets circling and diving, and then, right on cue as we arrived, a feeding Minke surfacing..... we spent the next half hour or more with it, and shortly afterwards another joined in the fun, and we had breathtaking, close-up views on a perfectly silent, tropical sea.

Flamborough Wild Flower Walk June 2021 © Richard Baines

A Wonderful Year Of Flowers

  • Wed 15th Sep, 2021

Our Wild Flower Walks were a great success this year. We introduced 35 clients to the wonderful variety of wild flowers in our area and identified an amazing 282 species of plants on the five events.