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January 2020

Sunset over the domes © Roddy Hamilton

Wildlife Of Thrussendale Farm

  • Wed 29th Jan, 2020

The Yorkshire Wolds is a large-scale landscape shaped by chalk and generations of farmers and communities who have worked on the land. Hidden away in lost and peaceful places are secret valleys teaming with wild flowers and escarpments with breath-taking views.

Millington Wood under the trees © Margaret Boyd

Millington Wood – Taking You Back Into Ancient Woodland.

  • Fri 17th Jan, 2020

Millington Wood is one of the richest botanical woodlands in East Yorkshire and can be found tucked away in Lily Dale; a typical dry valley of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Redwing in York 2020 © Richard Baines

Redwings And Waxwings

  • Thu 2nd Jan, 2020

There is something really magical about finding a beautiful songbird eating the berries in your holly tree knowing this bird has recently flown over a thousand miles to visit your garden.