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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a local charity working to protect and conserve Yorkshire's wild places and wildlife for all to enjoy. They care for over 97 nature reserves in Yorkshire including iconic sites such as Spurn National Nature Reserve, Staveley Nature Reserve, Potteric Carr and Flamborough Cliffs. To find out more about the Trust and how you can join click here...

YCN Director Richard Baines voluntered at the new YWT Flamborough Cliffs reserve during development work between 2002 and 2007. He spent a lot of time restoring the wild flower meadow by Breil Nook. Spreading green hay, working with local farmers, planting hedges and designing dew pond restoration near the cliff top. This reserve can now be visited an enjoyed in all its glory. It’s a great place to see Orchids and Puffins! To see the reserve page click here...

YCN Seabirds and Whale Trips contribute to local and national cetacean research. All our cetacean records are submitted to a conservation database to help research into these amazing mammals. YCN volunteer Amy Primavera is working on a new YCN Cetacean library which will bring together all our photos from the last seven years and be shared amongst local and national non-profit organisations such as the North Sea Wildlife Trusts