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Welcome to our talks page. Here you will find a comprehensive list of our current talks on offer delivered by Yorkshire Coast Nature directors Steve Race and Richard Baines.

We are happy to travel to your club, group or society or speak at an event anywhere in the UK. We also offer any of these talks through a virtual link such as zoom. We are experienced speakers with many years experience. Our talks showcase award-winning images that will inspire and show you the true beauty of the natural world around us.


Turtle Doves from North Yorkshire to Senegal - Richard Baines
Turtle Doves From North Yorkshire To Senegal - Richard Baines

An inspiring story of Turtle Dove conservation at home and abroad. Richard Baines works on the North Yorks Project and as UK ambassador for the international Year of the Dove April 2021 - April 2022

The Rarity Garden - a Birders Dream by Richard Baines
The Rarity Garden - A Birders Dream By Richard Baines

The wonderful story of Richards dream come true. Living at Flamborough close to the lighthouse. Rare birds and insects in the garden and the wild sea beyond. The subject of his new book published in spring 2025. Richard is now taking bookings for this talk for dates after April 2025

Wildlife of the Yorkshire Coast - Steve Race
Wildlife Of The Yorkshire Coast - Steve Race

The Yorkshire Coast is an incredible place to see a wide variety of wildlife across different habitats. From deep forests and woodlands to the beautiful purple moorland of the North York Moors National Park, along the rugged coastline and through the sweeping hills of the Yorkshire Wolds you will be amazed at what you can see. This talk tells the story behind the reasons for forming our company ‘Yorkshire Coast Nature” and the wildlife that can be found along the Yorkshire Coast.

Northern Goshawks. From North Yorkshire to Berlin - Richard Baines
Northern Goshawks. From North Yorkshire To Berlin - Richard Baines

Goshawks are one of the most iconic birds of prey in Europe. From the beautiful forests of Yorkshire in his home county to the amazing city Goshawks of Berlin. Richard describes his exciting experinces watching these great birds.  

Seabirds and Whales on the Yorkshire Coast - Richard Baines
Seabirds And Whales On The Yorkshire Coast - Richard Baines

Richard has been leading offshore boat trips in search of seabirds and whales on the Yorkshire Coast since 2013. "Whales in Yorkshire? I dont believe it" people often say. You better believe it and this is a great opportunity to hear these stories first hand.

Wildlife Of Northern India - Steve Race
Wildlife Of Northern India - Steve Race

The mountains, forests, lakes and beautiful villages of Northern India occupy one of the last great wilderness areas of Asia. Unspoilt and wild, a truly irresistible destination for nature and photography. This talk showcases some of the incredible wildlife found in this beautiful country.

Birding in East and North Yorkshire - Richard Baines
Birding In East And North Yorkshire - Richard Baines

Richard has been birding in East and North Yorkshire for over 40 years. This talk combines his most memorable experinces; from living by the Lighthouse and finding rare birds in his garden at Flamborough, surveying Turtle Doves for the North York Moors NP through to recommendations of the best birding places and times of year to visit the best sites for birding in our area.

Wildlife Photography Basics - Steve Race
Wildlife Photography Basics - Steve Race

Wildlife Photography is becoming more and more popular through the introduction of digital cameras. I will show a wide variety of images and tell the story of why, when and how the images were captured and what it takes to start photographing wildlife and creating that perfect image.

Birds of Bhutan Land of the Thunder Dragon - Richard Baines
Birds Of Bhutan Land Of The Thunder Dragon - Richard Baines

Out of reach and restricted to foreign visitors until recently, Bhutan is a paradise for birders and photographers. Over 670 bird species with many more yet to be discovered. Richard's talk is a journal based on his recent trip featuring a range of speciality birds and culture

Wild Shetland - Steve Race
Wild Shetland - Steve Race

The Shetland Isles is one of my favourite places in the UK for wildlife. The rolling hills, lochs and rugged coastline offer an incredible list of species. This talk highlights some of the key species of birds and mammals that breed on and call Shetland their home. From Mountain Hares and Otters to Red-throated Divers and Arctic Skuas the Shetland Isles are truly a magical place to visit and are very wild indeed. 

Life on the Ledge - Birdlife of Bempton Cliffs - Steve Race
Life On The Ledge - Birdlife Of Bempton Cliffs - Steve Race

 Bempton Cliffs is situated on the Yorkshire Coast and from March to September is home to 250,000 breeding seabirds. This talk is about the life and death struggle of these amazing birds and how they bring up their young on the tight cliff ledges on the 400ft white chalk cliffs. I will also talk about the important scientific work that the RSPB deliver, plus current developments and what the future holds for this internationally important seabird colony.

Seabird Cities - Steve Race
Seabird Cities - Steve Race

I have been privileged to visit numerous seabird colonies around the British coastline. From the Shetland Isles, Western Isles of Scotland, Bass Rock to the Farne Islands, and to the only mainland seabird colony in England - Bempton Cliffs. This is the story of what makes a “Seabird City’ and explains why huge numbers of seabirds visit our shores every year.

Wildlife of the North York Moors National Park - Richard Baines
Wildlife Of The North York Moors National Park - Richard Baines

An illustrated talk with high quality images focusing on the wide diversity of wildlife from orchids, through birds of prey to whales found in this beautiful National Park. An insight into the ecology and top tips of where to go and what to find!

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